Dismantle’s “More Rock And Roll” the title track, kicks off the mayhem with its head-nodding, strut-inducing, guitar-crunching sound that follows in the footsteps of the likes of G&R’s, Paradise City. There is no let-up in the pace and energy with “Two Timing” .  Dismantle slows things down a touch with “Smokin’ And Drinkin’” a sing-a-long, near-acoustic, ode to the stupid shit we do in relationships. “Dirty River” ,”Give It Up” and “Cathouse” show a serious heavy metal sensibility with Glynn’s fret-shredding leads. “Black Veil” is probably the most marketable and radio ready tune, as a fresh take on the current genre of rock.  This leads me to DR2’s favorite on the album, “Liquor Store”. Opening with Justin belting out the first line  acapella, this song just screams out “DETROIT ROCK & ROLL” .  Justin finishes the disc with his acoustic, unemployed, factory-worker’s take on dreams of stardom.  

-Detroit Rock Review